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Thanks for visiting our site.

We hope you enjoy the weekly columns and perhaps order some of Gil's books.   Each one is full of great recipes and information.   And they make great gifts too.   

Look for The Encyclopedia of Jewish Food , which was released in September 2010 by Wiley and has received an incredible response.   It took Gil more than two decades to compile the information and four years to put it all together.  EJF will be a must for anyone interested in Jewish food, history, and culture.   

Encyclopedia of Jewish Food was recognized by Saveur Magazine in the January 2012 issue as a “New Classic.” http://www.saveur.com/article/Kitchen/saveur-100-encyclopedia-jewish-food   I'm scheping nachus!

Please come back to see our regular changes.  And drop Gil a line or ask a question.   


      I am happy to announce that Encyclopedia of Jewish Food by Gil Marks has been nominated for the 2011 James Beard Awards. The ceremony takes place on May 6th:



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We are pleased that Olive Trees and Honey was awarded the James Beard Foundation award in 2005 and was a finalist for the IACP COOKBOOK Award in 2006.  Gil's earlier book, The World of Jewish Cooking, was also a James Beard finalist in 1997.

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